Industrial pump house becoming riverside eatery

Industrial pump house becoming riverside eatery

Pump House Construction.jpg

ROCK HILL – From conception through construction, and now pre-opening preparations, the owners of The Pump House have paid attention to the details. Elliott Close and Colby Mosier want to make sure the former industrial pump house turned tablecloth restaurant – on the Catawba River in Rock Hill’s Riverwalk development – has the right feel.


Each of the restaurant’s tables was locally handcrafted, as well as a two-story wine storage cabinet that holds more than 900 bottles. The beer tap has an industrial feel that looks like it once pumped water from the Catawba River. Now, 12 craft beers – six from South Carolina, six from North Carolina – will flow from its pipes. No detail is too small. A recent training session went over the spigots for the water and tea dispensers. While they look the same, they should never be put on the wrong dispensers. Close and Mosier know the details are essential – as well as exasperating.


The Pump House is five months behind schedule and so far over budget that neither Close nor Mosier will say how much the project has cost them. Close, whose family ran the Springs textile mills, will only say the cost is “in the millions” and “a good bit” more than expected. Still, they won’t sacrifice on quality just for the sake of opening. They are intent on creating a restaurant that is not only an upscale, fine-dining experience, but one that is repeatable and not just a place to celebrate life’s special moments.


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